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A huge white building, built by skilled architects, decorated sculptures of men and women with symbols of power and military weapons (Gilbert did. Not know ancient myths well enough to identify all these gods or heroes), with the red and gold flags of Aquilonia fluttering in front of the palace and royal guards guarding the palace - brightly dressed, with magnificent plumes on steel helmets, armed with halberds and arquebus. (As Hilbert noted, the wicks of the harquebus tennis star sex not lit - the guards were clearly not expecting any surprise attack. ) Tennis star sex the.

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At home, after checking it turned out to be - a lot of money, 25 thousand large in one bag and 7 thousand small - in the second. It turns out tennis star sex be quite good to be a director of a department store. The funniest thing is tennis star sex, hoping for leniency when handing over the money, he leads the investigators to his garage - will they appreciate my joke. I estimated it - 32 thousand.

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